Are you just putting up with a slow broadband connection ?

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If you’ve ever experienced a slow internet connection or the loss of your connection for an hour or two, you’ll understand just how frustrating it can be.

MBM_42Emails_Blog_smallWe use the Internet so frequently during our working day to send and receive emails, for research and information, to access documents or software within the Cloud and so on; that we forget what it would be like to work if we didn’t have it at all.

So why do so many businesses whose core activity is so dependent on a good internet connection, put up with a slow one that can’t cope with their business’s usage or one that’s intermittently up and down?

MBM’s Business Broadband Service

MBM’s Business Broadband service is supplied using four of the best broadband networks in the UK: BT, TalkTalk, Cable & Wireless an Opal Telecom. Using four networks means that we can offer our customers the best broadband service that is available in their location.

If reliability is key, we offer a pair of broadband services supplied over different networks so if one service goes down, the second service steps in thereby minimising disruption to your business.

And if you have a problem, you don’t wait in a call queue – you simply ring MBM.

Want to talk through the options available to you and your business? Call us on 01902 32 44 94

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