Build your List – A direct side-effect of house Wifi

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We’ve all been in coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, fitness clubs and other public places and tried to log on to a guest wi-fi. Do you take notice of what information you have been asked for ? Date of Birth ? Email address ? Physical address ? – all these items enable the receiving establishment to build a picture of you. The next time you login you may be asked for another piece of information – for instance anniversary or maybe occupation. The time after a different piece of information.

wifi Coffee CupAll this information can be used to build a picture of your visitors and better than that the information can enable some targeted marketing to be formulated – for instance special occasion discounts or offers for certain age groups.

By giving something (information) in exchange for something free (Wi-fi) visitors will tell you so much more than you could gain for traditional methods such as surveys or paper based application forms.

At MBM we are experts in information gathering and can manage this operation for you. Interested in finding out more ? Contact us and we will be happy to put you in contact with an Engineer – not a salesman!slidethree

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