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Do you know how many old Emails you have in your Inbox? Do you need to keep all your emails for a long time? We often find that our customers’ Email servers are slowly grinding to a halt because of the amount of Email people keep in their mailboxes. Clearly, we recognise the importance of retaining copies of your Emails, but there is a better way to approach this problem… Email archiving!

With Email archiving all your old Emails are removed from your mailbox and stored on a secure archive server. This device looks at your mailbox each day and, based on the rules you apply, moves your old Emails into the archive. If you want to recover an Email, you use the Outlook plug-in or the archive’s web page to find the item you want. It’s that simple!

In addition, the archive server stores all new Emails passing through your system. This means that you have a cast-iron copy of all your Email communications both internally and externally. We understand some organisations have to comply with ‘Email compliance’ procedures, but for most small businesses the issue is about knowing who said what to whom and when. The Email archive stores everything forever, even if the Email is deleted from the user’s mailbox.

Email archiving used to be expensive, but new software used by MBM makes this functionality much more cost effective. The software runs on a standard, modern Windows PC and the total cost, including installation, is more affordable for small and medium sized organisations.

5 Mailboxes £899
25 Mailboxes £1,349
100 Mailboxes £2,799

Email archiving enables you to retain *all* your company’s Email forever for just one single cost. Is it time to start Email archiving?

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