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A local printing company had a shock when their roof caved in following last years heavy downpour that hit the Midlands. But lion-logothanks to their IT Disaster Recovery plan with Micro-Business Maintenance, operations were able to continue practically unaffected.

The Four Ashes office of The Lion FPG Ltd suffered when their roof couldn’t cope with the torrential rain that occurred over a very short period of time. Water came through the ceiling affecting their design studio, sales office and parts of their printing factory. Some of their IT equipment such as PCs and printers were damaged with water and wet plaster.

Ian Gillespie, managing director at The Lion FPG Ltd, explained: “It all happened so quickly. One minute we were working away, and the next the ceiling started to come down. We evacuated the design studio and sales office and when we saw the extent of the damage to our IT systems immediately called MBM.”

MBM was on-site in 30 minutes to assess the damage and provide spare IT equipment so the company could carry on working.

The Lion FPG Ltd has three offices across the Midlands and MBM provides them with computer support, a hosted service – allowing staff to access IT systems from anywhere via an internet connection – and IT Disaster Recovery.

NIgel_Mills_MBMNigel Mills, managing director at MBM, said: “Lion FPG was lucky. They had the right IT support in place to cope with an event like this. But we know there are many businesses,
of all shapes and sizes, who don’t have this back up in place.”

If you’re interested in:

Computer support (link to https://www.mbmltd.co.uk/Computer-Maintenance.aspx)

Hosted services (link to https://www.mbmltd.co.uk/Network-Management.aspx)

IT Disaster Recovery (link to https://www.mbmltd.co.uk/IT-Continuity.aspx)


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