Helping animals find their forever homes with Reverse Matching

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The team at Battersea re-home dogs and cats from all walks of life. Whether they are a stray, or whether they’re brought in by their owners, very rarely it’s because of something the animal has done. “We’re here for each and every one of those animals,” says Rob Young, Head of Centre Operations. “And reducing the length of stay is one of the key objectives for our re-homing teams.”

“Historically, we’re very dependent on customers contacting us.” explains Tom Roberts, Digital Manager. “And it’s been at that point we start to match them with one of our animals. Now, using machine learning and AI, as soon as an animal is ready for re-homing, we’re able to ‘Reverse Match’ them to customers that machine learning believes is going to be the best match for that animal.”

In this video, you’ll learn about Battersea’s story and how, thanks AI, they are now able to help more animals find their forever homes.

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