How long could you live without your server?

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From experience it takes 3 – 5 days to buy, setup and restore a customer’s fileserver, network and data after it has been stolen, burnt or had water damage. We know how frustrated customer’s get if their email is down for one hour! We want to stop this happening so please ask yourself this:  Could your business cope without your network, fileserver and data for a week?

Would your business suffer? How much business would you lose? Would your business survive? What would your customers think if you couldn’t process their orders?  Many businesses never recover from a disaster of this sort.

Think about the amount of time it would take you to restore your systems if your key infrastructure failed or became unavailable. Most customers agree that being ‘down’ for 3-5 days is not good enough.

We can get you back up and running in a few hours!

New techniques allow us to take an image of your server and continuously stream updates off-site to our local data centre. At the same time, we are continuously restoring your server as a virtual machine in the data centre. This means that if you suffer a serious failure, we can take your latest server image, marry it up with a loan server and bring it to your site within hours… not days!

This kind of continuous off-site server imaging has only recently been cost effective for small businesses. We are offering you this service from a local data centre so that was can react quickly and get you up and running in a few hours.

We believe our new server disaster recovery offering is a ‘no brainer’ for SMEs who understand the importance of IT to their business.

Remember, your server could crash tonight so give us a call on 01902 324494 if you want to talk about disaster recovery in your company. Or visit our IT continuity and disaster recovery page on our web site.

PS. Why not take a look at our new dedicated IT continuity site,

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