InterLinx – Managed Internet Gateway Server

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The device that protects your network from hackers on the Internet is critically important. Since 1995, MBM Ltd has been designing and selling our own range of Linux-based Internet gateways servers known as InterLinx. These machines connect between a company’s Internet feed and their private network. They provide powerful firewall functionality plus a whole range of other functions. Here’s an overview of what an InterLinx 3 can do for you…

Firewall – Highly secure, flexible, stateful, packet inspecting firewall
Email Server – Reliable, easy-to-use Email server with web access and mobile connection
Email Filtering – Filter spam and infected Emails to protect your network
User Monitoring – Monitor users’ web browsing
User Control – Control what your users can do and see on the Internet
Web Filtering – Block infected downloads and certain categories of web sites
VPN – Secure access for remote workers and connections to branch offices
Powerful Hardware – Reliable 64-bit hardware with mirrored disks

MBM’s InterLinx servers are supplied as a managed service which means that you don’t need to worry about the day-to-day operation of your Internet security, we take care of all of that for you.

Whether you require just one of its features or plan to use InterLinx for everything, we can supply a solution that fits seamlessly into your network and delivers real tangible benefits. Why not call us now to discuss how an InterLinx gateway server can benefit your business?  Call us on 01902 324494 or Email

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