The Invisible destroyer

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How protected do you feel in your Business ? Is everything you do being watched? How common are viruses in today’s workplace? Look at any computer in your office. You can’t see the security threats, but they’re swirling round it like a malicious cloud. They’re multiplying and getting more sophisticated all the time. If one of them gets in, it could do untold damage to your business. And the hard truth is that anti-virus software simply isn’t enough any more.


Many business owners assume their systems and networks are protected. But what happens when people take their work laptops out of the office? What if they open a zip file that’s pretending to be from an online marketplace ?

What if they click on a website picture that has malicious code embedded in it?

The worst viruses and malware will immobilize a computer. If it’s on your network, the problem will spread through your business. Every computer will probably need completely wiping. While that’s being done, everything grinds to a halt costing you precious man-hours.

Here at MBM we take these threats very seriously we pride ourselves on our security record and endeavour to make sure all your data is protected from attack or theft.

We can provide solutions to protect your network from unwanted threats. These solutions can be installed on local PCs and servers to monitor threat activity and quickly deal with it. The software has the ability to update itself silently over the Internet and provide a centralized server-based management console to monitor threats and provide reports. We can also provide our own mail scanning solution called InterLinx Filtered Email to filter and clean Emails before they even arrive at your desk, this is done by routing your inbound and outbound mail through our secure scanning servers on the Internet; this ensures that both you and your mail recipients are protected.MBM_42Emails_Blog_small

If you would like to find out more about what we do, then please call us to arrange a meeting. You’ll meet a network engineer, not a salesman! Call 01902 324494 or email

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