Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

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MBM Ltd has launched a new service which offers businesses further protection of data they store in the Cloud.

Wombourne based MBM has launched a new Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service for businesses who currently store their data in Office 365 and Google’s G Suite Cloud services.

Jason Mills, technical director, at MBM explained: “The Cloud remains a safe way to store and access your data. However, if a member of staff accidentally deletes a document, if a file is encrypted by a hacker, if data is overwritten by third party software or if there are issues with data syncing, you need to be able to quickly and easily retrieve the corrupt or lost file.

He continues: “Users think they can easily access their data when it’s in the Cloud. Whilst Microsoft, for example, guarantee 99.9 per cent up-time, they also state there is no guarantee that they can recover all or any of the files and if they can, it may take some time. We therefore recommend it is good business practice to take an independent backup of your critical Cloud-based company data.

MBM has seen first-hand the frustration experienced by businesses when they can’t retrieve their data from the Cloud. MBM’s new Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service provides a separate encrypted backup of your Cloud data on Amazon S3 SAS 70-certified data centres providing peace of mind for business owners should they need to quickly and easily retrieve a file from the Cloud.

For more information or to book a demo of MBM’s Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service, call 01902 32 44 94 or email

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