Businesses say that they understand how important their Internet connection is, but it’s only when it goes down that you truly appreciate how reliant your business is on broadband. It can be extremely frustrating for businesses to liaise with their Internet services providers (ISPs) and wait for them to eventually respond to the call for help, whilst in the meantime the business is trying to continue with its operation with no Internet connection.

This is why at MBM we supply a business broadband service that actually allows us to deal with problems and resolve faults directly. If something goes wrong, you just call MBM and we fix it; no queues, no tickets, no voicemail and no overseas calls centres – just our own skilled and experienced technicians. How refreshing is that?

Our business broadband services are supplied using four of the best broadband networks in the UK: BT, Tiscali, Cable & Wireless and Opal Telecom. Using four networks means that we can offer the best broadband service that is available at your location. If reliability is important, we can also offer a pair of broadband services supplied over different networks so if one service goes down, the second service steps in minimising disruption to your business.

Whether you want a simple, affordable service for a home worker or a critical connection for your main network, MBM can provide whatever you need at a good price and with excellent customer service.

Here’s what makes MBM’s business broadband better than most:

  • The best service at your location is provided through one of our four different broadband providers
  • A wide range of appropriate services such as low-cost connections for SOHO sites to super-fast ultra-reliable services for head offices
  • You call MBM direct for any help (you do not ring an overseas call centre)
  • We provide Voice-grade services for top-quality telephone calls over the Internet (VoIP)
  • We don’t tie you into long-term contracts, you can stay with us for as long as you like!

Why not call MBM today to see if we can deliver you a better deal on a faster and more reliable business broadband connection? Call us on 01902 324494 or email