Your computer system is at the centre of your entire business and without it things can’t get done. At MBM we understand this, which is why our Computer Maintenance Services are set-up the way they are.


                 Suffer from days like this?

Proactive Maintenance Support

We provide proactive maintenance and remote monitoring of server solutions to make sure nothing goes wrong with your IT network. However, should the unthinkable happen and something does go wrong we work with the sole aim of getting your IT system up and running as soon as possible. Our highly trained, Microsoft Certified technicians will keep you up to date with the work we are doing so you’re aware of what’s going on.

We aim to build relationships based on trust as we believe in growing with our customers; a lot of our customers have been with us since we first started.

Remote Support Options

Whether it’s via the telephone or by a secure VPN tunnel between our offices, MBM can manage your IT networks and workstations remotely enabling us to provide a quick and efficient response.

If you would like to find out more about our Computer Maintenance Services, please call us to arrange a meeting. You’ll meet a network engineer, not a salesman! Call 01902 324494 or email