Most companies who have been in business for some time have grown accustomed to the daily routine of taking last night’s data backup tape off-site and inserting tonight’s tape.

However MBM now offers an additional ‘belt-and-braces’ solution which guarantees that if the tape you take home at night gets damaged, your file server is stolen or your server is destroyed… you have not lost everything and your critical business data is safe and can be accessed remotely via our online data backup servers. This means your business will not have lost all of its data and you can continue uninterrupted whilst the new file server is installed.

We offer a range of price-points depending on the amount of data that needs to be backed-up:

Amount of Data Price Per Month ex VAT
2Gb Business ODB £9.99
5Gb Business ODB £20.00
10Gb Business ODB £30.00
15Gb Business ODB £38.00
20Gb Business ODB £44.00
30Gb Business ODB £50.00
40Gb Business ODB £60.00
50Gb Business ODB £70.00
60Gb Business ODB £80.00
70Gb Business ODB £90.00
80Gb Business ODB £100.00
90Gb Business ODB £110.00
100Gb Business ODB £120.00

If you’d like to find out more about our online data backup and related services give us a call to book a meeting with one of our engineers, not a salesman!