Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service for Office 365 & G Suite

If you use Microsoft Office 365 or another Cloud service provider (like Google’s G Suite), you may think you don’t need to do any further backup of your data. At MBM, we advise all our customers that the Cloud is a safe way to store and access your data, but even these remote servers aren’t completely 100% fool proof.

With Office 365, for example, Microsoft guarantee 90% of data against a number of specific threats. But if we look at the top causes of data loss in the Cloud, there could be an issue with Microsoft’s response. And this could be the same for other Cloud providers.

Cause 1: Human Error
A member of staff overwrites a file.

Cause 2: Hackers
A data file becomes encrypted by a hacker.

Cause 3: Rogue Employee
An employee deletes data files.

Cause 4: System Glitches
Your data is overwritten by third party software or there are problems with data syncing/service crashes and you lose your data.

Cause 5: Employee Account Deactivated
The employee’s ‘seat’ is deactivated, but you need to access one of their files.

Whilst Microsoft’s Service Level Agreement is 99.9% guaranteed up-time, they also state there is no guarantee they can recover all (or any) of the files and, if they can, it may take some time. It is therefore good business practice to have an independent backup of your company’s data.

What Should You Do?

For those who operate in sectors where you will need to comply with EU Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force on 25 May 2018, you already understand the value or your data and that it needs to be backed up and easily accessible.

For other businesses, the typical causes described above, and cyber crime in particular, are a growing threat for us all and therefore we recommend you ensure your data is fully protected against these internal and external threats.

MBM’s Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Service

We store all our client’s data in an encrypted format on Amazon S3 SAS 70-certified centres which are firewall protected to block certain kinds of network traffic and protect your data. The Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service is maintained by our highly skilled team and is incredibly easy to use and recovering data is fast!

If budget is a concern and you cannot implement backup of all your data, or you would like more control and flexibility over what you choose to backup, why not consider prioritising data backup for key functions of your business?

We’ve upgraded this service to UNLIMITED data – this means we can backup even the largest Office 365 and G-Suite accounts!

What Next?

If you are an Office 365 or Google G Suite customer, we simply organise for a continuous backup of this data to be stored in our Cloud-to-Cloud service.

Cost for Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is from £4.50 plus VAT per user per month.

If you’d like to find out more or would like to book a demo of the Cloud-to-Cloud Backup service, call our friendly MBM team on 01902 32 44 94 or email

MBM Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service