Hosted VoIP Phone System

Hosted VOIP telephony solutions allow businesses to replace their old telephone system with Internet handsets connected to a feature-rich phone system on the Internet. Calls are then made and received over the Internet using your ADSL broadband line. Many calls can be sent simultaneously over a broadband connection so considerable savings on line rentals can be made.

MBM’s hosted VOIP telephony solutions come with a large number of features, many of which would be too expensive for small businesses to purchase directly themselves. Our solutions offer features such as voicemail-to-Email, direct dialling from your Outlook contacts, call recording, auto-attendant (voice menus) and intelligent call queuing.

One of the key features of a hosted telephony solution is that extensions can be located anywhere that is connected to the Internet. This is particularly useful for home workers, branch offices and international departments. All of these sites are effectively connected to one phone system so that calls between them are free and the management of the system is centralised.

In our view businesses should consider a hosted telephony solution for:

  • New Offices
  • Replacing Existing Phone Systems
  • Centralised Call Centres
  • Distributed Call Centres (with Agents Working at Home)

The potential savings are huge and the features available are extensive, so please contact MBM to discuss your own business requirements and the potential cost savings. Speak to one of our engineers on 01902 324494 or email