Business Phone System SIP Trunks

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks allow existing VoIP-enabled business telephone systems to connect to the public telephone system over the Internet. SIP trunks can handle many calls simultaneously using a single broadband Internet connection.

MBM’s SIP trunks are commonly used to allow outbound calls to be made over the Internet which leaves existing telephone lines free for inbound calls. However, increasingly, customers are transferring (porting) their telephone numbers over to our SIP trunks so that they can also receive calls via the Internet as well as make calls. This means that expensive multi-channel ISDN lines can then be omitted altogether saving the organisation a considerable amount of money.

Our SIP trunks can support many different types of telephone numbers, region numbers, non-geographic numbers (0800, etc) and we can even offer international numbers from dozens of different countries.

Although SIP is the open standard for Internet phone calls, our service also supports the IAX proprietary standard used by Asterisk-based phone systems such as TrixBox.

Our call rates are very competitive, so why not call one of our technicians to see how connecting your PBX using an MBM SIP trunk can save you money? Contact us and speak to one of our engineers on 01902 324494 or email