Your business faces significant daily security challenges every minute of the day – from hackers on the Internet and from staff on your network. Your data is often your most vital and important asset, so why share it with anyone else? At MBM we pride ourselves on our IT Security record and endeavour to make sure all your data is protected from attack or theft.

Some of the policies we provide clients with include:

  • Anti-Virus Policies and Procedures
  • E-Mail Policies and Procedures
  • Firewall and Internet Security
  • Internet Security Policies and Procedures
  • Physical Security
  • User Identification & Access Management

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IT Security

More about IT Security

There are many threats lurking around on the Internet today from hackers to viruses. Data is also at risk if not backed up or protected properly in a redundant environment. Many businesses are surprised when their network is compromised or a disaster occurs and often wonder how they will recover. Investment in security and data protection is highly important to all business, and MBM can help:


These are used to filter traffic between your private network and the Internet. Hackers trawl the Internet for any opportunity to compromise a network or computer. The use of strong firewalls will prevent unwanted inbound traffic and only allow the applications and Internet services you require to pass traffic through. Firewalls can also be used to control and monitor outbound traffic. With good fire walling it is easy to block peer-to-peer file sharing, instant messaging applications and blacklist unwanted websites. We can provide firewalls from many leading manufacturers including our own product.

Password Control

It is important that individual users on your network have their own login username and password. This enables you to control file and folder permissions for individual users or departments. A strong password policy is always recommended, users should adopt case sensitive and alphanumeric passwords especially if you have services such as webmail open to the Internet.

UPS and Surge Protection

Uninterruptible power supplies provide backup power so your server will have enough time to shut down gracefully in the event of a power cut. Power failure could cause data loss or corruption and may mean the process of data recovery from backup. UPS’s and surge protectors will defend against power spikes and brown outs which can seriously damage computers and servers with a cost rolling out at thousands for replacement.

Virus and Spyware

We can provide solutions to protect your network from unwanted threats. These solutions can be installed on local PCs and servers to monitor threat activity and quickly deal with it. The software has the ability to update itself silently over the Internet and provide a centralized server-based management console to monitor threats and provide reports. We can also provide our own mail scanning solution called InterLinx Filtered Email to filter and clean Emails before they even arrive at your desk, this is done by routing your inbound and outbound mail through our secure scanning servers on the Internet; this ensures that both you and your mail recipients are protected.


Hard disks are the most vulnerable part of any computer or server today. Hard disks will fail at some point and it is advised to build in RAID redundancy to servers for data protection. RAID can include two or more disks working together, when a disk fails it can be replaced without data loss or corruption and the good disks will re-copy their data back to the new disk. Micro-Business Maintenance can also provide redundant servers and networking infrastructure for when your business cannot afford downtime.

Automated Backup

Backups are the most important part of your business network. Viruses, employee errors, server failures and corruption could mean you need to restore from backup to get critical services up and running ASAP.

MBM can provide different backup solutions depending on company size and quantity of data. Tape backups are essential for every network and we can also provide offsite data backup for servers, laptops and desktops to our secure data centre in Manchester with our own product.

Some laptops rarely get chance to see the business network on a connection adequate to backup the files stored on them. Our off-site backup solution can sit silently on a laptop or home/office PC and push files to our data centre for backup whenever an Internet connection is available. Files can be restored to new machines if computer are stolen or fail.

Data Replication

Your critical business data can be replicated in real-time off-site to our secure data centre. Data is replicated as it is changed, if you head office or branch office servers suffer a failure clients can still access critical files in the same way but their request will be routed to the replicated files until your server is fixed.

Real time data replication may not be available for all types of network. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

If you would like to find out more about our IT Security services, then please call us to arrange a meeting. You’ll meet a network engineer, not a salesman! Call 01902 324494 or email