Many companies believe that because they have a firewall,  anti-virus and anti-malware in place that their IT network is secure. Unfortunately, this is not the case and they’re often seriously exposed to hackers.

Penetration Testing (or a Pen Test) is a test of your business’ exposure to the Internet to identify any vulnerabilities or critical flaws so that patches and suitable solutions can be applied to reduce this exposure and the chance of being hacked.

If you are a small business and think you’re not on the radar for attacks, think again.

IT hackers use automated scans to find your online presence and, more often than not, they are not targeting businesses or individuals specifically (unless you’re a global brand name).

Because threats are continually evolving, cyber security is a key issue for many businesses and IT users. We recommend regularly undertaking Penetration Testing to ensure that your IT network and systems are secure. For some sectors who need to prove compliance (eg those who use online payment transactions), annual and ongoing Penetration Testing is required.

MBM’s Penetration Testing Service

At MBM, we perform Penetration Testing to evaluate the security of your IT network – what we refer to as your exposure to the Internet. We scan:

  • your firewall / router;
  • exposed services such as Email, Intranet and your Website.

We produce a detailed report identifying any vulnerabilities, mis-configurations and deviations from best practice found, and then work through this list to put solutions in place to rectify.

We can perform a one-off Penetration Test or we prefer to schedule in regular Penetration Tests in order to fully manage your IT security long term.

What Next?

If you’d like to find out more about Penetration Testing and how your business could benefit, call one of our friendly MBM team on 01902 32 44 94 or email

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