Managing Your IT Network

MBM provides IT networking and management for a range of businesses across the West Midlands. We have some of the most experienced IT professionals who offer advise in managed IT networks management. 

Managed IT Networks

Managed IT Networks – VPN Tunnels and Remote Access

IPsec VPN’s provide a means of connecting sites and branch offices together to make the IT network resources at each site available company-wide. This kind of wide area network connections no longer require expensive leased-lines meaning even the smallest multi-site business can afford to connect their IT networks together.

Other forms of VPN connectivity include point-to-point VPN providing mobile or home workers with a means of connectivity to head office. Users can work as if they are in the office and wired into the business IT network.

However, when you allow remote users and branch offices to access your IT network, it needs to be carefully handled to ensure that security and data integrity is maintained.

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