Managing your IT Cabling

The most important part of structured IT cabling is its design. IT Cabling needs to provide a reliable, stable platform for your business’s data and voice. Network points can be situated in ideal locations to cater for office moves and extra staff in the future.

IT Cabling

IT Cabling also needs to cater for the requirements of different users and departments. For example, admin users would require a standard IT network speed but with networked peripherals nearby such as printers and scanners. A design department may require very high bandwidth to each workstation for access to large files from a central server location very quickly. Whilst other users, such as managers and team leaders, may require a wireless IT network connection for desk hopping and frequent use of meeting rooms where cables popping up from desks is unsightly.

Structured IT cabling can allow wireless access points to be hidden in areas above suspended ceilings giving maximum area coverage and can deliver power to the device using a technology called Power-Over-Ethernet.

IT Cabling can also provide solutions for outdoor connectivity, such as linking the networks of two buildings together and providing a platform for CCTV/security equipment.

At MBM we have been installing network IT cabling for over 20 years. We have our own team of highly skilled and experienced installers.

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