Managed WiFi Hotspot

  • Need a better wireless hotspot solution for your business?
  • Customers complaining about poor performance?
  • Want to learn more about your visitors?

MBM Managed WiFi provides great hardware with a unique cloud-based portal for a simple, cost effective price. Our solution captures visitor contact details and automatically adds them into an easy-to-use mailing list system. You can then create compelling Email shots that keep your customers informed about your business… it’s a piece of cake!

We believe that free WiFi should help drive repeat business. Don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to turn unknown visitors into known individuals and loyal customers. One of our early customers, a small hotel in the UK, captured more than 1,000 Email addresses in the first month… an amazing marketing opportunity.

Please choose one of the following to see how MBM can bring value to your specific market sector…


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