Managed Business Office WiFi Hotspot

  • Need a good quality reliable WiFi system for your office?
  • Want to allow staff to use their own devices at work; called Bring Your Own Device?
  • Like to be able to offer simple, secure WiFi Internet to your visitors?

MBM Managed WiFi uses world-class WiFi equipment married to a cloud based management platform to offer excellent WiFi to both staff and visitors alike in office environments.

Office WiFi Hotspot

Staff WiFi

A reliable office WiFi network is important. Employees expect to be able to use their laptops, tablets and smartphones reliably from any location within your company. The wireless feature of your Internet router might work well enough initially, but it often doesn’t provide enough coverage in the right locations and there is very little management control.

MBM Managed WiFi for your business delivers enterprise-class WiFi hardware and marries it to a cloud-based management and monitoring platform. We then wrap this in a friendly, experienced UK-based support service. Any issues with your WiFi or your devices and we’re there to help.

You can start with one WiFi device (known as an access point – AP) to cover a single office and grow to dozens of APs to cover your entire site. We then help you make that decision and arrive at a cost effective solution.

Visitor WiFi

Do visitors ask to use your office WiFi? Are you reluctant to give them the wireless key? You should be reluctant because they will have access to your entire network! This is not the case with MBM Managed WiFi, visitors are fire-walled from your business network and are only allowed to access the Internet.

Visitor WiFi is a popular service to offer (in reception or in your meeting rooms) but it must be secure. MBM Managed WiFi provides this security.

Also, we often limit the speed of the visitor WiFi so that they can’t overwhelm your businesses Internet connection.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

The visitor WiFi can also be used to allow your staff to connect their personal devices to your WiFi and use your Internet connection. Allowing unmanaged devices (smartphones, tablets and personal laptops) to connect to your business network can be risky as you simply don’t know if they are infected and pose a danger to your IT network. Therefore, if you want to allow your staff to connect their own devices at work, it is better to separate them from your business IT network. MBM Managed WiFi’s visitor service is great for this. Again, limiting the speed of these devices mean that they won’t impact your critical business Internet connection.

Next Step

If you’d like to discuss MBM Managed WiFi for your business and office, please call or Email our team and we’ll take you through it. 01902 324494