Managed WiFi Hotspot for your Venue

  • Are visitors asking you for WiFi access?
  • Need to offer a better, more reliable WiFi service?
  • Want to gather contact details from your WiFi users?

Attracting people to your venue, keeping them there and ensuring that they return is hard. Offering visitors reliable free WiFi will help. Modern smartphones will seek out WiFi and use it in preference to expensive 3G and 4G services. This can make your venue a great place to visit.

Venue WiFi Hotspot

Turn Anonymous Visitors into Known Individuals

When visitors attempt to connect to the MBM Managed WiFi, they are redirected to a portal. We can use that portal to capture useful information about the visitor so instead of being anonymous they become a known individual that you can reach-out to. For instance, if you capture their Email address, you can subscribe them to your mailing list and send them offers, updates and vouchers.

Here are some other ways that the MBM WiFi portal can work…

Simple Password – You give the visitor the WiFi password (perhaps like you do today.)
Voucher – You issue/sell the visitor a voucher that gives (say) 2 hours of Internet access.
Text to Browse – Ask the visitor for a mobile number then text them a code to let them browse (thereby capturing their mobile number.)
Pay to Browse – Pay online using Paypal to use the WiFi for a period of time.
Complete a Form/T&Cs – Ask the visitor to enter some personal data and (optionally) agree to your T&Cs.

Also in development…
Facebook Like, Tweet or Check-in – Ask a visitor to mention your venue on social networks in exchange for free WiFi (excellent for promoting your site on social media.)
Multi-language – The portal appears in the language of the visitor’s web browser.

External WiFi

We offer a range of external WiFi hardware that allows you to offer coverage in the grounds outside your building. This could allow for gardens, smoking areas, marquees and special events all to have WiFi access.

High Density Coverage

Our robust WiFi hardware allows for hundreds of visitors to connect simultaneously in a single location.

Next Step

If you’d like to discuss MBM Managed WiFi for your venue, please call or Email our team and we’ll take you through it. 01902 324494