It’s official, 2012 was a wash out!

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It’s official, 2012 was the second wettest year on record, and for many businesses a bit of a wash out when it came to business performance too.SOS

There can’t be many companies who were not affected in one way or another by the above average rainfall experienced in 2012, either from disruption due to transport delays, water ingress causing electrical damage, through to flooding at the extreme end of the spectrum.

With the economic climate still looking overcast for 2013 it doesn’t make any sense to be operating your business with the threat of an I.T. distaster hanging over you like a storm cloud, whether caused by extreme weather, Theft, Hardware crashes, Virus attacks or even fire.

Jason Timmins, Micro-Business Maintenance’ technical director, said: “2012 is now officially the second wettest year on record and reminds me of the heavy downpour we experienced in June 2012. A client’s roof collapsed causing damage to some of their IT equipment, but because they had IT Disaster Recovery support our technicians were on-site within hours to help them get back up and running with minimal down-time to their business.”

The real cost of not having a Disaster Recovery solution in place

And while it’s good business practice that during tough economic times every company should be looking for best value from every cost to the business, business leaders should not under estimate the true cost to their business of not having a sound Disaster Recovery solution in place.

Jason Timmins again:
“Too many business owners think IT disasters won’t happen to them. If their computers or server gets stolen or damaged they’ll just quickly replace them. But they fail to appreciate how long it can actually take to install the operating system and the software onto new hardware, install a new data server with all the patches and security updates, and restore data from any backups. And during that period how many enquiries may be lost, sales unable to be fulfilled, or staff unable to access files and use email? But with the right Disaster Recovery solution in place this process can take a few hours. If you’ve ever had a computer problem at home and tried to fix it, imagine it ten-fold at work!”

Spend a little to save a lot

What is more important to your business, a ‘Cost-a-lot Coffee lunch’ or the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if a technology based storm breaks over your business, you know your organisation is no more than four hours away from being fully functional again – not four days.

And your company can have full Disaster Recovery cover – for the same daily cost as a ‘Cost-a-lot Coffee lunch’!

Get a Free Disaster Recovery ‘second opinion’

Why not put your mind at rest and book a free ‘Disaster Recovery second opinion’ review of your current DR provision by MBM?  For more information email Jason Timmins, Technical Director at, visit or contact us on 01902 324494

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