Are you letting Business Walk out of your Door?

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How often now do you check if a venue has in-house wi-fi ? From fast food outlets, Pubs, takeaways, shops and even church halls have their own in house platforms for you to login to.

Offering Wi-fi to customers of your business is highly beneficial more so in a retail or leisure/entertainment environment. Businesses can also offer guest wireless access from a private office which is ideal for contractors, visitors or associates working on-site.

wifi Coffee CupIt’s important that your business WiFi is kept separate from guest and visitor WiFi and encrypted to ensure they don’t access your wireless traffic.

Offering Free WiFi will encourage users to take your offering in exchange for their contact details.

MBM can offer you a package solution and are happy to help you implement a solution which will be a perfect fit all around.

Talk to MBM today and join thousands of businesses benefiting from this provision.

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