Are you letting future custom walk out of the door?

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Clients and Customers now expect to log on to free, good quality and fast WiFi when they enter Retail or Office locations. If you’re not providing this free WiFi, your competitors are. Customers are also willing to swap their contact details for the use of your free Internet facilities and you can use this valuable information to proactively market to them.

MBM's WiFi solution

MBM has a WiFi solution that will enable you to provide a quality service to your customers and allow you to collect data that would otherwise literally walk out of the door! MBM Technical Director Jason Timmins explains how ProWifi came about.


“We’ve been supplying high quality managed WiFi to hotels and businesses for years, but we noticed that smaller venues also offer WiFi and that this WiFi is often really poor quality. Almost every café, restaurant, bar and pub we visited had WiFi set up like you’d have at home. Connecting involved simply being given a WiFi code. WiFi like this gives nothing back to the venue owner as no customer data is capture. It’s also insecure as customers could see and hack each other. There’s also no control over the type of content that can be viewed and one user could consume the entire Internet connection.


We created ProWiFi to address this situation. Now, small venues can buy a WiFi solution online which connects to their existing Internet router and is preconfigured straight out-of-the-box. The venue owner simply screws the WiFi box to the wall and plugs it in, providing the venue with a simple but affordable managed WiFi solution. Customer data is easily captured and automatically added to a marketing mailing list. Users are protected so they cannot see each other’s data and access. Websites are filtered and blocked to prevent unsuitable sites being accessed in public areas. Usage limits are set to ensure that no one user ruins the WiFi service for other simultaneous users. It’s a major step forward!


At MBM we strongly feel that WiFi is particularly important to small venues. Cafés, for example, need good quality WiFi to draw in business customers. Restaurants need safe WiFi to amuse bored kids. And bars need reliable WiFi so people can ‘check-in’ and update their social media.”


Businesses interested in finding out more can visit or contact the MBM Sales team on 01902 324494

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