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The average SME can spend £2000 over the Christmas period on items such as the office party, Christmas cards, corporate gifts, entertaining clients etc – and yet these same companies can flinch at paying a similar amount for a whole year’s worth of IT Disaster Recovery protection* – something that should be considered a strategically vital business service by business owners.

A New Year resolution you can easily keep
Micro-Business Maintenance near Wolverhampton urges businesses to start 2013 with one New Year resolution they can easily keep – setting up an IT Disaster Recovery Solution. The company has been providing IT solutions and support to SMEs for over 20 years, and has seen first hand the disastrous results that occur when a company doesn’t protect its company data, IT systems or IT equipment.

Jason Timmins, Micro-Business Maintenance’s technical director, said: “The amount of rainfall that we’ve had over the Christmas holiday reminds me of the heavy downpour we experienced in June 2012. A client’s roof collapsed causing damage to some of their IT equipment, but because they had IT Disaster Recovery support our technicians were on-site within hours to help them get back up and running with minimal down-time to their business.”

IT disasters won’t happen to me – will they?
He added: “Too many business owners think IT disasters won’t happen to them. If their computers or server gets stolen or damaged they’ll just quickly replace them. But they fail to appreciate how long it can actually take to install the operating system and the software onto new hardware, install a new data server with all the patches and security updates, and restore data from any backups. And during that period how many enquiries may be lost, sales unable to be fulfilled, or staff unable to access files and use email? But with the right Disaster Recovery solution in place this process can take a few hours. If you’ve ever had a computer problem at home and tried to fix it, imagine it ten-fold at work!”Make 'I.T.' your new years resolution

So during January as you’re signing cheques to pay your suppliers for Christmas related items, think long and hard about whether some of this money could be better spent protecting your business from unforeseen disastrous IT problems. The average daily cost of Disaster Recovery Support* equates to the same amount spent on typical daily business costs such as a pack of printer paper or a decent sandwich for lunch. Put like that, why wouldn’t you want to protect your business?

Free ‘Disaster Recovery War Game’
Why not put us to the test and book a free ‘Disaster Recovery War Game’ to test the security of your I.T. systems under controlled conditions? For more information email Jason Timmins, Technical Director at, visit or contact us on 01902 324494

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