Press Release – Carbon Neutral IT Infrastructure

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A West Midlands IT company is helping their customers with carbon reduction by transferring all their hosting to a carbon neutral data centre. This will help customers meet their carbon reduction targets.

Nigel Mills, managing director of MBM based in Wombourne, explained: “Many companies struggle to meet carbon reduction targets that form part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment. We’re getting asked more and more about the carbon footprint of IT systems, so when we were looking for a new provider we included this as one of our criteria.”


MBM’s new data centre in Manchester is completely carbon neutral. In 2008 the supplier planted 150 acres of forestry on its farm in Scotland. These trees now carbon neutralise all CO2 emissions emitted from the data centre. In addition, the facilities are energy efficient achieving a power usage efficiency (PUE) rate as low as 1.32 against an average of 2.2.

Jason Timmins, technical director at MBM, said: “We host many customers’ servers in our internet data centre and, even with advances in power management, these machines consume a lot of electricity. A medium-sized web server that’s busy running your e-commerce web site could easily consume 500W of power all day, every day. Clearly, reducing the environmental impact of that is important. Our customers understand that servers consume plenty of electricity and, under pressure from demanding carbon reduction targets, they asked us to examine the power that is consumed on their behalf.”

He added: “We believe we have sourced an affordable hosting solution for businesses that neutralises its carbon footprint and provides all the technology, security and industry leading service level agreements that is fit for today’s business environment.”


Nigel Mills or Jason Timmins
01902 324494

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