MBM has been supplying computer hardware such as PCs, laptops and printers to our business customers since 1990. We have experience of many different makes and models of equipment and we have shortlisted a few equipment suppliers that we trust and know provide excellent equipment and service when you need it.

If we are building a computer network, then we generally only use Hewlett Packard (HP) or Microsoft for PCs, laptops, printers, services and switches and APC for uninterruptible power supplies. 

We recommend that for standard desktop PCs used in a busy working environment, businesses should plan to upgrade every five years. This helps to ensure that your computers are working efficiently and continue to run the software and applications needed to keep your business in business. Having efficient computers means you’ll have more efficient resources. Customers can purchase new computer hardware through MBM and we can manage the installation process. We ask for 50 per cent on order with the remainder once the hardware has been installed.

Seen the new Microsoft Surface Book 2?

MBM is part of the Microsoft Surface Reseller Alliance which means our business customers can purchase the entire range of Surface devices from MBM.  The latest Surface Book 2, which is equivalent to an Apple MacBook, is their most powerful yet, with increased speed and graphics performance! It’s available in 13″ and 15″ screens and includes face recognition security with a battery that lasts for 16 hours. You can turn the screen around or remove it completely. If you’re looking for a new Windows laptop, this is a great option.

Check out the product video and technical specifications HERE.

Lenovo Laptops

If you’re looking for a hardworking business laptop, consider the Lenovo and their Lenovo ThinkPad which comes with fingerprint scanner to unlock the device. Lenovo is known for its reliability; their products go through eight military tests for extreme conditions including dust, heat, cold, vibration, water and humidity.

Check out the range of laptop products HERE.

If you would like to find out more about the hardware we can provide and support, then please call us to arrange a meeting. You’ll meet a network engineer, not a salesman! Call 01902 324494 or email sales@mbmltd.co.uk