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MBM‘s Internet telephony services, often referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over IP (VOIP) services, can transform your company and push your business to the cutting edge. Whether you need a single number forwarded to your mobile or a complete business phone system, we can help.

MBM has been providing Internet telephony solutions to businesses since 2005. Over that time we have learned a great deal about how to reliably deploy Internet-based telephony into organisations of all sizes.

Our offering is based around three types of VoIP service…
On-site PBX – This is where we provide a VoIP-enabled phone system on your network. It connects to both the Internet and to your local area network (LAN). It supports both traditional telephone lines (ISDN2, etc) and also Internet-based VoIP services.
Hosted PBX – Instead of buying a telephone system that is run in-house, with this service you use part of a large telephone system that is hosted in a data centre on the Internet. Hosted PBX solutions have almost as many features as an on-site PBX, but none of the up-front costs; you simply pay a monthly fee for each extension you require.
SIP Trunks – If you already have a VoIP handset and telephony system that is Internet-enabled, you can use our session initiation protocol (SIP) trunks to make and receive phone calls over the Internet.

All of our internet telephony services have low call costs, highly flexible configurations and lots of features that were previously only to be found on high-end enterprise-class phone systems. Along with all the functionality, we offer a single point-of-contact for all support and service calls.

If you want to know more about business-grade Internet telephony and the associated cost efficiencies for your business, call us on 01902 324494 or Email

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