How Secure Is Your IT System From Hackers?

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Having a firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware in place doesn’t necessarily mean your company’s IT system is secure from hackers.

MBM Penetration Testing

MBM Ltd has launched a new Penetration Testing service that evaluates the security level of a company’s exposed services.

Jason Timmins, technical director at MBM, explains: “External facing systems such as email, intranet and websites are the main areas of exposure for a business. Penetration Testing, also known as a Pen Test, scans these systems as well as a company’s firewall and router and evaluates the levels of security. This test identifies any vulnerabilities or mis-configurations so that solutions can be made to ensure a company improves the security of its IT systems.

MBM offers one-off Penetration Testing or regular tests to help companies manage the security of external facing services.

For more information about MBM’s Penetration Testing service, call 01902 32 44 94 or email

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