SEO Seminar by Calloway Green in Wolverhampton

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This morning our technical director, Jason Timmins, attended an SEO seminar called ‘Traffic Unleashed’ run by Calloway Green. Here’s what Jason thought of the event…

I’ve dabbled in SEO on our sites a bit and, although I’ve learned a lot, I’ve found the whole process rather frustrating. It seems that the whole process of search engine optimisation is a bit of a black art. I’ve tried to do what I can with our on-site SEO, getting the page titles correct, writing accurate descriptions and not overstating the keywords and to some extent that has worked but the off-site SEO is lost on me.

Calloway Green suggest that you should write plenty of new content, blogs and what-have-you, then use tools such as Posterous to get your message out to as many different blog sites as you can find. I am therefore, writing this very blog post using Posterous and I’ve wired it up to auto-post to not only our own IT support blog but also a bunch of new blogs I’ve just set up. Apparently, Google will not penalise us for posting the same content across lots of different sites, the worst they will do is ignore the repeated text. Andy Calloway and his team believe that cross-posting blogs like this is a very good way of attracting attention to your site. The proof of the pudding, I guess, is in the eating.

Another excellent way to gain visibility on the web is through the publication of articles on sites like These sites require that you post your new content to them first and that you wait until they have published it before you release the article through your normal blogging mechanisms. I suppose I’ll need to write an article or two first to see what happens but it seems like a good use of time if it attracts a load of attention to the site.

During Andy’s presentation he ran some search terms through Google’s keyword tool. One of the terms had 6,500 searches in the UK in the last month. Given that 75% of people click on one of the organic search results and 90% of them click on the first organic result, that would be 4,387 people going to your web site. Clearly, that’s an impressive number of visitors. If you could turn (say) 5% of those into customers, you would be laughing! We will clearly be trying to get our West Midlands IT support site to the top of Google’s results for our keywords. Let’s hope that Calloway Green’s tips work.

On the whole, it was a valuable morning spent at the seminar. I’d recommend the session to any SME looking to improve their search engine results.

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Jason Timmins – Technical Director – Micro-Business Maintenance Ltd

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