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According to MBM Limited, a Cyber-attack is one of the main IT worries facing businesses today.

However, many companies are not aware that the UK Government has developed a scheme to help businesses implement controls that they can put in place to mitigate risks from common Internet threats. The scheme, called Cyber Essentials, offers basic measures that any type or size of business can implement.

Jason Timmins, technical director at MBM, explains: “Whilst the Cyber Essentials Scheme does not address the more advanced cyber threats, it does provide a very good set of controls to provide basic protection from more common Internet threats.

The Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme covers areas such as firewalls, configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management. MBM can help businesses identify their IT systems that may be at risk. MBM can complete the self-assessment questionnaire for the company and, if required, assist with the implementation of any actions to ensure the basic cyber security protection is in place.

Jason added: “Companies who gain the formal Cyber Essentials certificate, are demonstrating to their own customers and suppliers that they understand, embrace and have implemented cyber security protection measures and are a cyber secure business.”

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