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Cloud Computing allows organisations to dispense with expensive in-house servers, software and powerful PCs and outsource these to specialist providers on the Internet.

For example, you can ‘pension-off’ your in-house Microsoft Exchange Email Server and simply connect your Outlook Email software to giant Exchange Servers on the Internet (some of which are run by Microsoft themselves). You then let that service provider worry about data backup, version upgrades, server capacity etc and all you do is pay, on a monthly basis, for what you use! (This can be the number of users and/or the amount of data stored).

Outsourced ‘Cloud’ Email is a classic example, but you can also run your Windows desktops (what you use everyday) in the ‘Cloud’. Your computer does not need to have any software installed on it nor need to be a modern piece of equipment as it just becomes a ‘terminal’ to access your virtual desktop. What makes Cloud Computing so flexible is that a user can access their virtual desktop from anywhere in the world including their laptop at home!

MBM Ltd has a number of clients using services in our own Cloud that we run from our Manchester data centre. These clients are running demanding, business-critical applications (like production control and accounts systems) in the Cloud, and they are reaping the benefits of reduced capital costs, the latest technology, remote access for staff and excellent performance.

If you’re about to consider a system upgrade we highly recommend that you consider the possibility of a cloud-based solution. There is money to be saved and numerous benefits to be gained. If you’d like to know more or would like to arrange a visit call us now on 01902 324494.

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