UnlimitedDataBackup.com goes live!

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Our unlimited online data backup service for home users, UnlimitedDataBackup.com, is now online. The service ensures that you can backup your home computer and there-by protect your photos, videos, music, etc in the event that your machine crashes. It costs £4.99 per month no matter how much data you upload.

We’re also offering a nice referral reward. If you recommend the service to your friends, family or colleagues and they sign-up, we’ll send you £5.

The service is run from our Manchester data centre and represents an excellent example of how our virtual servers and their virtual storage can be used for demanding web-based projects. Using virtual machines allows us to dynamically adapt and re-scale the environment based on customer demand so we can always ensure that the service is fast and responsive no matter how busy it is.

Please take a look at our online backup service at http://UnlimitedDataBackup.com.

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