Windows 8 Tip of the Month – File History

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File History

A personal favourite of ours, File History in Windows 8 can automatically back up older versions of your files so that you can restore them on demand. The feature isn’t enabled by default, so you’ll need to open up the System and Security screen in Control Panel to turn it on.

Windows 8 File History control panel

To get started, you’ll need a second hard drive—internal, external, or networked—to save your file version history. Then, proceed into Advanced settings, to set up how often you would like the system to back up your files and how long the system should keep those files.

Windows 8 File History Advanced settings control panel

Once set up, File History works automatically and can prove to be a lifesaver if you accidentally “misplace” an important personal or business file. File History will also sit quietly until it is connected to the drive you selected. Finally, recovery is easy. Just choose the desired restore point from a large list of saved options.

(Thanks to Microsoft for the information.)

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