SEO Seminar by Calloway Green in Wolverhampton

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This morning our technical director, Jason Timmins, attended an SEO seminar called ‘Traffic Unleashed’ run by Calloway Green. Here’s what Jason thought of the event…

I’ve dabbled in SEO on our sites a bit and, although I’ve learned a lot, I’ve found the whole process rather frustrating. It seems that the whole process of search engine optimisation is a bit of a black art. I’ve tried to do what I can with our on-site SEO, getting the page titles correct, writing accurate descriptions and not overstating the keywords and to some extent that has worked but the off-site SEO is lost on me.

Calloway Green suggest that you should write plenty of new content, blogs and what-have-you, then use tools such as Posterous to get your message out to as many different blog sites as you can find. I am therefore, writing this very blog post using Posterous and I’ve wired it up to auto-post to not only our own IT support blog but also a bunch of new blogs I’ve just set up. Apparently, Google will not penalise us for posting the same content across lots of different sites, the worst they will do is ignore the repeated text. Andy Calloway and his team believe that cross-posting blogs like this is a very good way of attracting attention to your site. The proof of the pudding, I guess, is in the eating.

Another excellent way to gain visibility on the web is through the publication of articles on sites like These sites require that you post your new content to them first and that you wait until they have published it before you release the article through your normal blogging mechanisms. I suppose I’ll need to write an article or two first to see what happens but it seems like a good use of time if it attracts a load of attention to the site.

During Andy’s presentation he ran some search terms through Google’s keyword tool. One of the terms had 6,500 searches in the UK in the last month. Given that 75% of people click on one of the organic search results and 90% of them click on the first organic result, that would be 4,387 people going to your web site. Clearly, that’s an impressive number of visitors. If you could turn (say) 5% of those into customers, you would be laughing! We will clearly be trying to get our West Midlands IT support site to the top of Google’s results for our keywords. Let’s hope that Calloway Green’s tips work.

On the whole, it was a valuable morning spent at the seminar. I’d recommend the session to any SME looking to improve their search engine results.

Best Regards

Jason Timmins – Technical Director – Micro-Business Maintenance Ltd

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Nice Testimonial

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“After enduring months of long standing problems with our database, which was having a severe effect on our business, we called upon the services of MBM Ltd.  They came out promptly and within a couple of hours had fixed all of our problems, we couldn’t believe it!  We would therefore highly recommend their services and found them extremely efficient and professional.”
Joanne Dakin, Business Manager, Tenniscoachuk

It’s always nice to be appreciated. Thanks Jo.

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I’ve just added Micro-Business Maintenance Ltd to – the UK’s free business directory.

As our valued customer, I would really appreciate it if you could submit a rating/review of MBM which will help us get feedback on the services we provide.

If you are happy to write a review, please click on the following link or paste it into your web browser:

Here’s a link to my page on the site:

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Techie Tip – New Documents in old Office

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This month’s tip will help you if you still use an older version of Microsoft Office, and are struggling to open documents that are being sent to you in the new xml formats such as .docx or .xlsx.

Microsoft have a file you can install called fileformatconverters.exe which enables users of Office 2000, Office XP or Office 2003 to open the new files in their old versions of office.

Simply download the file from the link below, install the application and away you go, you don’t need to buy a new copy of office just to open the new file types. If you download the file and are still having problems why not give us a call on 01902 324494 and we’ll see if we can help.

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Email Archiving

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Do you know how many old Emails you have in your Inbox? Do you need to keep all your emails for a long time? We often find that our customers’ Email servers are slowly grinding to a halt because of the amount of Email people keep in their mailboxes. Clearly, we recognise the importance of retaining copies of your emails, but there is a better way to approach this problem… Email archiving!

With Email archiving all your old Emails are removed from your mailbox and stored on a secure archive server. This device looks at your mailbox each day and, based on the rules you apply, moves your old Emails into the archive. If you want to recover an Email, you use the Outlook plug-in or the archive’s web page to find the item you want. It’s that simple!

In addition, the archive server stores all new Emails passing through your system. This means that you have a cast-iron copy of all your Email communications both internally and externally. We understand some organisations have to comply with ‘Email compliance’ procedures, but for most small businesses the issue is about knowing who said what to whom and when. The Email archive stores everything forever, even if the Email is deleted from the user’s mailbox.

Email archiving used to be expensive, but new software used by MBM makes this functionality much more cost effective. The software runs on a standard, modern Windows PC and the total cost, including installation, is more affordable for small and medium sized organisations.

5 Mailboxes        £899
25 Mailboxes     £1,349
100 Mailboxes   £2,799

Email archiving enables you to retain *all* your company’s Email forever for just one single cost. Is I time to start Email archiving?

If you would like to find out more about Email Archiving, call 01902 324494 or Email

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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to everyone. What seems to have been a very rushed December with meetings, Cat5 cabling and other IT issues for customers has turned into a very busy first week and next week is also booked. We have moved a local company’s entire IT suite to another site, have surveyed two further sites with the intention of moving their IT later this month. We have an order and some Cat5 work to do in a Hotel in Oxford and so it goes on…. lets hope this year will be a good one.

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Last week seemed to be a bit of a blur now!!  I came back from a few days away walking with a painful knee and the week just seemed to fly by, although it always does at the start of the month. However we have this new web monitoring solution for customer and SOHO users. It can monitor all your web browsing activity or if you employee someone you can monitor their’s!! which may improve the efficiency of your company and output, just a thought??

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Technology Update – Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing allows organisations to dispense with expensive in-house servers, software and powerful PCs and outsource these to specialist providers on the Internet.

For example, you can ‘pension-off’ your in-house Microsoft Exchange Email Server and simply connect your Outlook Email software to giant Exchange Servers on the Internet (some of which are run by Microsoft themselves). You then let that service provider worry about data backup, version upgrades, server capacity etc and all you do is pay, on a monthly basis, for what you use! (This can be the number of users and/or the amount of data stored).

Outsourced ‘Cloud’ Email is a classic example, but you can also run your Windows desktops (what you use everyday) in the ‘Cloud’. Your computer does not need to have any software installed on it nor need to be a modern piece of equipment as it just becomes a ‘terminal’ to access your virtual desktop. What makes Cloud Computing so flexible is that a user can access their virtual desktop from anywhere in the world including their laptop at home!

MBM Ltd has a number of clients using services in our own Cloud that we run from our Manchester data centre. These clients are running demanding, business-critical applications (like production control and accounts systems) in the Cloud, and they are reaping the benefits of reduced capital costs, the latest technology, remote access for staff and excellent performance.

If you’re about to consider a system upgrade we highly recommend that you consider the possibility of a cloud-based solution. There is money to be saved and numerous benefits to be gained. If you’d like to know more or would like to arrange a visit call us now on 01902 324494.

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Short week!!

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Writing this today, Thursday as I’m off tomorrow. Last Friday we sent out our first Newsletter for some time. Customer feedback was good and we intend to do more, hopefully one a month/? Monday was a quiet day but it gave us time to think about new articles for the Newsletter, repair, in fact replace the front door lock with a new one and do some mundane company housekeeping jobs. Tuesday saw us delivering laptops to customers and discussing a free Wi-Fi solution for a Hotel. We also installed some Anti-Virus protection suites for customers. Wednesday i attended a seminar on ‘Use entrepreneur knowledge to cement client relationships”, interesting but not for us. However if anyone who reads this wants to know more, ask. Today, Thursday, had a lengthy catch up meeting with a customer and discussed new software upgrades and methods of making a work flow process smoother, interesting discussions. On the down side we lost a Mobile phone deal, perhaps next time!!

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The Week

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Seems to have been a long week…  Monday saw us discussing new PR material for handouts, business cards and A5 flyers etc. We hope to do some local advertising in the Wombourne Mag soon, advertising our web site. Tuesday & Wednesday saw us discussing a Mobile phone contract we hope get via a 3rd Party supplier we have formed a partnership with. Thursday we discussed the de-regulation of top level domains and what it means for business come 2012 and today we’re trying to tie up all the loose ends whilst installing more A. Virus software protection suites for companies who’s A.V & A.S software has expired. We also hope to send out our first newsletter for almost a year today, so watch your emails.

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